Don’t Let Fear Of The Dentist Compromise Your Oral Health

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If you have claustrophobia, you avoid cave exploration. If you have acrophobia (fear of heights), you avoid sky diving. In either case, you can live a fulfilling life without engaging in these activities. And if you have dental phobia, you might avoid the dentist. At Staten Island Dental Care, we don’t want anyone to do that.

Studies show that millions of Americans cope with dental phobia to one degree or another. The milder, more common type is called dental anxiety. The problem is that by avoiding the dentist, people with this condition put their dental health at risk. Sedation dentistry can help.

At Staten Island Dental Care we offer three types of sedation dentistry:

  • Nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas. It is safe and effective, and for that reason has been used in dentistry for more than one hundred years.
  • Oral conscious sedation involves taking a sedative before your appointment. It puts you in a very relaxed state. You need a ride to and from our office.
  • IV sedation is administered intravenously. It is the strongest sedation we have. It won’t make you sleep, but will put you in a deeply relaxed state. You’ll need a ride for this one too.

At Staten Island Dental Care, we don’t want anyone putting their dental health at risk because of dental anxiety or phobia. Sedation dentistry may be just what you or a loved one needs. Call our office to schedule an appointment today.

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