Dental Sedation FAQs

Wanting to reduce your dental phobia but still have questions about sedation dentistry? The office of Staten Island sedation dentist, Dr. Hecht, is happy to answer them. Some of the questions we hear most frequently from patients who are afraid of the dentist or have other concerns include:

Why do people choose dental sedation?

Many people experience dental phobia, or a fear of going to the dentist. They often delay necessary dental care because they are worried about the pain or have a fear of drills or needles. Sedation is given to them as an option to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable when they see the dentist.

Is dental sedation safe?

Yes. Dr. Fred Hecht has been practicing sedation dentistry for nearly three decades. Dr. Hecht performs IV sedation up to three times per week. He has a wealth of experience in minimizing any risks. Our entire staff is certified in administering CPR and trained in ALS (advanced life support) techniques should an emergency occur. You are never left alone. Our staff monitors you at all times to make sure no serious complications arise.

Can people with breathing problems use dental sedation?

Patients who suffer from asthma, emphysema or other serious respiratory ailments should consult with their physician. Using sedatives carries a little more risk with respiratory conditions, but it is typically safe for them to undergo sedation. 

What medications are used for dental sedation?

For oral conscious sedation as well as IV sedation, Dr. Hecht has many different medications available to maximize patient comfort, such as Valium, Versed and others. For inhaled sedation, he uses laughing gas.

How does dental sedation stop gagging?

The gag reflex lessens when sedatives take full effect because they work to relax your muscles. Dental sedation reduces sensitivity to sounds, smells and tastes which makes it easier for dental tools to be placed in your mouth.

Will sedation dentistry put me to sleep?

The sedatives are not powerful enough to put you to sleep. Dr. Hecht administers small doses that help a patient become calmed and relaxed. You will remain fully awake and will be able to respond to questions and instructions from Dr. Hecht and his staff.

How will sedation affect me?

While you will remain awake the entire time, you will retain little memory of the dental procedure done on you. Although they remain coherent and responsive, patients are less aware of what is going on inside their mouth when the sedatives take full effect. Feeling deeply relaxed helps them to ignore pain they would experience without sedation.

Can I drive to and from my dental appointment?

The sedatives used in dental sedation will impair your ability to drive. It is important for you to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to your appointment with Dr. Hecht and then pick you up when he is finished treating you.

Is sedation dentistry affordable?

Absolutely. We offer zero percent financing to our patients who qualify, so that their out-of-pocket expenses are manageable.

What if sedation does not work?

With multiple sedation options, Dr. Hecht can find one that works for you. Click here to learn more about how dental sedation works.

I have trouble getting numb. What can Dr. Hecht do to help me?

With high-quality novocaine and a gentle injection technique, Dr. Hecht rarely needs to administer a more advanced anesthesia method for numbing. However, Staten Island Dental Care offers laughing gas, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedationwhen necessary. We will work for your ultimate comfort, so just let us know your concerns.

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