Dental Health

Dental Health & Oral Hygiene in Staten Island

HERE AT OUR STATEN ISLAND DENTAL PRACTICE, not only do we provide a wide range of services and technologies, but we’re also concerned with your complete oral and overall health. Recent studies affirm that dental health problems can lead to more serious issues including heart disease.

Dr. Hecht, a general dentist in Staten Island, New York, is specially trained to notice potential problems before they become serious and get out of hand, so make sure to visit him regularly! Taking care of your teeth and gums will keep you smiling for life.

Each of us needs to understand some basics that can affect our dental health:

For more information on these or any other topic, or to schedule an appointment, contact Staten Island general dentist Dr. Fred Hecht today by calling the number above or filling out the form to the right. We look forward to being your dental health partner.