Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Dental Veneers in Staten Island


Porcelain veneers in Staten Island can give a beautiful smile Are you proud of your smile? Do you look at magazine models and television stars wishing you had the same confident grin they have? Have you ever wished your Staten Island cosmetic dentist could glue new pearly white covers on your existing teeth as easy as you paint a wall in your house? Guess what? With porcelain veneers, it’s possible. Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin tooth-shaped fronts that are permanently bonded to your natural teeth. If your front teeth are discolored and stained, chipped, cracked, slightly misaligned, or have metal fillings, consider dental veneers. Made from thin sheaths of porcelain layered atop each other, teeth veneers can completely cover the front of your teeth to create a perfectly shaped, dazzlingly white, absolutely gorgeous smile. The most modern dental veneers, such as porcelain veneers, look completely natural, too.

After a comprehensive exam, we will develop a cosmetic plan to make your weak smile strong. Veneers for teeth, also called laminates, are long-lasting, stain-resistant, and require only two visits for the complete treatment. In fact, you’ll leave the first appointment with a set of temporary dental veneers while your custom final porcelain veneers are being crafted at a lab.

Because we custom craft each porcelain veneer for each patient, you can choose the shape, color, and style that best compliments your appearance and the image you want to achieve. Porcelain veneers usually can match the color and appearance of natural teeth better than dental veneers made of other materials, so porcelain veneers are often a good choice to cover front teeth.

Dental Veneers Frequently Asked Questions

A dental veneers dentist in Staten Island explaining the veneers procedure with sample veneersDo veneers look like natural teeth?
Skilled Staten Island cosmetic dental lab artists create porcelain veneers with the color, reflective properties, and translucency of natural teeth: perfect natural teeth, that is. In addition, porcelain veneers can be made in any size or shape.

Are veneers at Staten Island Dental Care Strong?
Porcelain veneers are fabricated out of extremely durable material. If you have questions about whether a veneer or dental crown is the best choice for you, talk to Frederick Hecht. Dr. Hecht will consider the size and condition of the tooth and its position in the mouth.

How long do dental veneers last?
Some Staten Island Dental Care smile makeover clients have veneers they received over 15 years ago. (And they still look terrific!) If properly cared for, veneers can last as long as dental crowns.

How Much Do Veneers Cost in Staten Island?
The cost of cosmetic dental veneers at Staten Island Dental Care is competitive with other premium cosmetic dental practices in the Staten Island area. We use what we believe is the top New York dental lab to create our client’s veneers and a significant portion of the cost of veneers goes to the lab. Porcelain veneers are often less expensive in Staten Island than crowns and orthodontia. For questions about the cost of porcelain veneers, call our office at 718-761-5757 today!

How Do You Brush Your Teeth With Veneers?
Dental care for teeth veneers is no different from regular dental care. Clean and floss your new smile daily, visit us regularly for professional care and maintenance, and consider wearing a night-guard to prevent teeth grinding while you sleep. If you’re ready for a smile that can boost your self-confidence and enhance your image, ask us about dental veneers today.

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To see what your smile would look like with teeth veneers, request a diagnostic wax-up during your appointment to see how your new porcelain veneers will look. This can help you decide if dental veneers would be a good choice for your smile. Contact us to schedule your veneers consultation by completing the form on this page or calling our office in Staten Island at 718-761-5757 today!