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Change Your Life! Dental Implants in Staten Island

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Healthy teeth that work as nature intended are indispensable for a high quality of life and overall health. Anyone missing a tooth might be interested in learning about dental implants, available from Staten Island Dental Care.

Dental implants can be used to replace one or two teeth, or to anchor dentures. Mini dental implants, also called denture-stabilization implants, allow us to securely attach an appliance so that it won’t slip or irritate gums.

With dental implants, small titanium posts are attached to  the jawbone. They fuse with the surrounding bone, creating a heavy-duty base for an over denture.

Here is the process:

1. Examination and Assessment
During your first visit, your dentist will take x-rays and analyze your mouth and the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Your dentist will evaluate options with you and together you will develop a treatment plan.

2. Implant Placement
A complete tooth implant and restoration consists of the actual implant or root replacement, an abutment, and final restoration. The first step is to insert the titanium alloy implant into your jawbone. This is not as difficult or painful as it sounds. Most patients are surprised at how rapid and easy the procedure is.

3. Integration
Implant surgery would not be successful if your jawbone did not welcome an artificial, non-biological tooth root. In the vast majority of cases, the jawbone  fuses with the implant to create a substantial foundation for the  restoration. It takes from three to six months for this to take place.

4. Final Restoration
Whether your final step is a crown, bridge, or denture, we’ll work with the lab to fabricate a beautiful and functional restoration. A connecting piece called an abutment attaches the restoration to the artificial root(s). The crown, bridge, or denture is all that is visible when it’s completed. Dental implant restorations are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Call Staten Island Dental Care to find out more about implants. We also provide general and restorative dentistry, and sedation dentistry for our patients with dental anxiety.

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Let’s Make A Plan! Dental Health in Staten Island

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When you are dedicated to reaching a goal, the difference between success and failure may be whether you follow a plan. At Staten Island Dental Care, we remind you that your dental health is the result of a good plan.

Do you have a goal to improve your smile? Maybe you haven’t thought much about your teeth in the past, but have begun to notice problems. These troubles can be purely aesthetic, such as stained teeth, or a serious issue.

At Staten Island Dental Care, we’re committed to customized patient-focused care. This means that we design a personalized treatment plan for every single patient. Age, lifestyle, current status of oral health, overall physical health, and risk factors are all taken into account.

Ready to focus on your dental health? Call Staten Island Dental Care  to schedule a consultation. Our services include general and restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and mini-implants.

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What Can Fluoride Do For You?

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At Staten Island Dental Care, we are concerned with the dental health of each of our patients. Today’s post focuses on fluoride: what it is, and why it is so beneficial to your dental health.

The Miracle Mineral

Fluoride is a mineral, plain and simple. Fluoride occurs naturally in different foods as well as in water. Many communities adjust the fluoride content of their municipal water. Fluoride is also added to oral care products. This makes it possible for you to apply fluoride to your teeth when you brush, or use mouth rinses.

Why would you want to put fluoride on your teeth? Because it helps to prevent tooth decay! Fluoride does this by giving the teeth stronger resistance against the acid attacks brought on by plaque bacteria, as well as sugar in the mouth.

Essential for Young Teeth

Fluoride is especially vital for growing teeth. In children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years, the primary and the permanent teeth come in. Therefore fluoride exposure is extremely helpful for creating a strong foundation for lifelong oral health.

The enamel-strengthening benefits of topical fluoride are available to adults, too! In addition to the oral care products mentioned previously, adults can get a boost of this miracle mineral during routine dental cleanings at Staten Island Dental Care.

Staten Island Dental Care is a full-service practice in Staten Island. We’ve been serving the New York City area since 1976. Helping our patients maintain ideal dental health is critical for us, and so is helping them achieve the smile they want through cosmetic dentistry procedures such as complete smile makeovers. We also provide general and restorative dentistry.

We are committed to the dental health of our Staten Island patients, and would like you to consider us. Please give us a call so we can make an appointment for you.

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Got Plaque? General Dentistry in Staten Island

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Believe it or not, plaque can rear its ugly head in any mouth – even yours – no matter how meticulous your teeth cleaning regimen. The general dentistry practiced by Staten Island Dental Care can help you keep it under control.

People with deep grooves in their teeth are especially susceptible to plaque. The process goes something like this:

Bacteria naturally occurs in the mouth, always will. Bacteria tries to colonize on the smooth surfaces of your teeth. At first, it will be soft enough to be removed with a fingernail. After 48 hours, it begins to harden. Give it ten days and it becomes tartar, which is difficult to remove. (See picture.)

This bacteria feeds on sugars and produce acid that eats away the tissues of the tooth, leading to cavities. Cavities originate on the tooth surface and spread on and through it. The best way to deal with plaque is to have a consistent removal process, which is to say, daily brushing and flossing after eating (and even sleeping).

A fabulous smile with fabulous teeth isn’t always the reality for NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne folks. We encourage anyone who is unhappy with their smile in the NYC area, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne, to consider the benefits of a smile makeover. At Staten Island General Dentistry, it’s one of our specialties.

If you have a persistent toothache, don’t ignore it. It could be an indication of a larger problem, and we provide toothache relief. We also practice sedation dentistry.

Dr. Fred Hecht has been serving the Staten Island area since 1976, with dentistry designed for your comfort. Call to schedule a consultation.

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Be Glad Dr. Hecht Has X-Ray Vision

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It’s not extremely comfortable. You have to put on the heavy apron, hold an awkward piece of film in your mouth and sit really, really still while your dentist’s assistant takes x-rays. Is it really necessary? Absolutely! No question about it.

Your dentist can’t see everything that is going on with your teeth, bone, and surrounding tissue without x-rays.

What Hidden Problems Do Dental X-rays Detect?

  • Cavities below existing bridgework, crowns, or other restorations
  • Abscesses, cysts, and infections
  • Cavities between teeth just beneath where adjacent teeth touch (interproximal cavities)
  • The position of wisdom teeth

How Often Should X-rays Be Taken?
This depends on the patient. A patient with no history of dental caries, no existing tooth decay, no braces, and no existing crowns, veneers, or bridgework is at low risk for cavities. A high-risk patient is in the opposite situation and may have one or more of the following: a history of cavities, existing restorations, braces, eroded enamel, chipped or cracked teeth. In addition, patients with an eating disorder or other medical condition may be considered high risk. People who haven’t had their wisdom teeth extracted also need to be checked with x-rays more frequently.

If you are a patient of Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht, Dr. Hecht will counsel you on the frequency of x-rays when your treatment plan is discussed. If you are not a current patient and are looking for an experienced, friendly dentist in the Staten Island area, we invite you to connect with us at 347-695-4380 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to meeting you.


Contact Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht: 347-695-4380

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Choosing A Dentist In Staten Island

Choosing A Dentist In Staten Island The American Dental Association offers some welcome advice for choosing a dentist in Staten Island. We have already talked about how word of mouth is an important factor in how many people find a dentist. Here are some things you should look for in an Staten Island dentist:

Location is always a factor when choosing a dentist in Staten Island. If you live in the Staten Island New York area, there are many options. While location plays an important role in convenience, many people are willing to drive a little farther for a better experience with their dentist.

Relationship is a strong factor. Your Staten Island dentist should be approachable, and should make you feel comfortable when you are in the dentist chair. After all, your dentist will be working very close with you to help you achieve a high level of oral hygiene; you most certainly will want to have a good, professional, comfortable relationship with your Staten Island dentist and the dental office staff.

Specialty is another important factor in choosing a dentist in Staten Island. Some dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry. Others specialize in corrective dentistry such as braces. Depending on your need, you may select a local Staten Island dentist who can solve your immediate concern. Bear in mind, however, that it is good to have a general dentist who can maintain your dental history and work with you to through the years.

If you are looking for a dentist in Staten Island, please come by and speak with me. I can address your interest in any of these critical areas, and will be happy to introduce you to Staten Island Dental Care.

I look forward to meeting you.

-Frederick Hecht, DMD

(347) 695-4370

The Dream Of No Drill In Staten Island

The Dream Of No Drill In Staten Island

If you ask dental patients in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne area what they hate the most about dental visits, chances are that they’ll mention the drill. Just the sound of it is enough to make people cringe.

Many residents of Staten Island, New York may wonder if there will ever be an alternative to the dreaded dental drill. Guess what? Now there is!

Drill-less dentistry is also known as air abrasion or microabrasion. Air abrasion can be used for common dental procedures such as removing tooth decay or preparing tooth surfaces for sealants or bonding. These instruments work like a little sandblaster that aim a fine stream of particles at the area that would normally be drilled. After the stream of particles strikes and removes the decay, the materials are suctioned out of the mouth.

Hi. I’m Dr. Frederick Hecht of Staten Island. I want my patients to be aware of the latest dental technology available, especially as it pertains to cosmetic dentistry.

If you are in need of quality dental care in the Staten Island area, or if you are interested in a smile makeover, give Staten Island Dental Care a call at (347) 695-4370. We can answer any questions you have about teeth whitening, veneers, gum contouring, or dental implants.

Make your appointment today so your teeth can look and feel their best!

Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht
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Treat Your Smile To A Healthy Diet

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Proper nutrition can benefit you in a number of ways; increased energy, improved immunity, glowing skin, mental clarity, and a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. How often, however, do you examine how your diet impacts your oral health?

Your diet can influence your risk of cavities, enamel health, and gum condition. Healthy foods provide an environment that can restrict inflammation and infection. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts are the optimal choices for oral health. Calcium-fortified beverages, milk and other dairy products provide vitamins, minerals, and calcium that aids in keeping teeth, bones, and gums healthy. Eating crispy fruits and vegetables, such as apples and celery, will help clean your teeth and gums.

A healthy diet contains all the critical vitamins and minerals, and the most important mineral for teeth is fluoride – especially for youth. Between the ages of 6 months and 16 years old, both the primary and the permanent teeth come in, therefore adequate fluoride is critical.

Don’t forget, however, that too much fluoride is harmful. Dr. Frederick Hecht can guide you on the exact dosage of fluoride for your child, taking into account whether your municipal water is fluoridated.

Even though adults’ teeth have already formed, fluoride aids in remineralizing weakened enamel to a degree. This dynamic mineral is applied to teeth during extensive dental cleanings at Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht and daily with fluoride toothpaste.

Bacteria that causes enamel-destroying plaque love a steady diet of sugar – from soda, candy, and even fruit juices. When enamel wears away, the teeth become vulnerable to decay, cracks, and discoloration.

Sugary foods that are especially detrimental are those that get trapped in the spaces between teeth and the small pits and cracks in the molars. Candies that are chewy or hard can lodge in these spaces and allow for the harmful sugar to have direct contact with enamel until brushing occurs. Sticky candy can also damage braces and retainers. More than one retainer has fallen prey to sticky caramel or hard taffy.

Be sure to brush after each meal and before bed. Remember to floss or use a water irrigating method to dislodge food particles trapped in spaces. By eating well, brushing properly, flossing regularly, and avoiding foods that stick to your teeth, you can have a beautiful smile for life.

I’m Dr. Frederick Hecht, and I have a full-service dental practice in Staten Island. Helping my dental patients stay healthy is important to me, and so is helping them achieve the smile they want through advancement cosmetic dentistry care such as veneers, teeth whitening and smile redesigns.

Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht in Staten Island has been serving the NYC area including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne, since 1976. Please contact us at 347-695-4380 if you are looking for exceptional dental care from a local Staten Island dentist with the experience, expertise and personalized attention you deserve.


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Not Happy With Your Staten Island Dentist?

Brooklyn cosmetic dental and tooth implants

Hello New York friends! Welcome to Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht in Staten Island, New York. We provide general and restorative dentistry, and innovative cosmetic dentistry for the whole family. Our services include:

porcelain veneers
cosmetic dentistry
porcelain crowns
root canals
Immediate care for dental emergencies
Strong, natural looking restorations
A clean, comfortable, and friendly dental atmosphere to make your experience as pleasant as possible

I am Dr. Frederick Hecht. We are located at 1520 Richmond Ave in Staten Island, New York. I have been practicing advanced dentistry since 1976 and am a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. By working with an experienced dentist, anyone can have a smile they want to show off.

Perhaps your smile is unforgettable and you only need a cleaning. Our talented Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht dental hygienists perform thorough deep cleanings to remove plaque and tartar and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

If you don’t currently have a dentist, or are not happy with your current dentist, we invite you to visit Staten Island Dental Care – Dr. Frederick Hecht for an informative consultation and examination.



Staten Island Dental Care Treatment For Sensitive Teeth

Bayonne cosmetic dental and tooth implants

For those of you in the NYC area who feel pain when you sip your morning coffee or who cringe each time you brush or floss, Staten Island Dental Care is here for you. Doctor Frederick Hecht has been treating this common problem since 1976.

The first line of defense against tooth sensitivity is proper oral hygiene. Incorrect brushing and over-brushing can result in receding gums, which leads to the exposure of microscopic tubules in the dentin. When these tubules are exposed, acidic, hot, cold, and sticky foods can then reach the nerve cells in the teeth causing discomfort (who are we kidding – it’s pain).

Here in our Staten Island dentistry practice, our knowledgeable dental staff can determine if your brushing style is contributing to your tooth sensitivity and get you on your way to proper oral care habits.

Frederick Hecht usually recommends an over-the-counter desensitizing toothpaste that will alleviate tooth pain after several applications. Most NYC Wal-Mart and Brooklyn Sav-On stores carry it. However, some Staten Island patients may need in-office procedures such as fluoride gel treatments available at Staten Island Dental Care.

Don’t worry if you have sensitive teeth in Staten Island and want to have your teeth whitened. Here at Staten Island Dental Care, Dr. Hecht can determine which professional tooth whitening or at-home whitening procedures will work for you.

Call our Staten Island cosmetic dental office today to get relief for your sensitive teeth.

Dr. Frederick Hecht
Staten Island Dental Care
1520 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, New York 10314

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