Two Hints For When You’re Too Tired To Brush

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Too tired to touch a toothbrush? We’ve all been there. This blog post from Staten Island Dental Care has two fabulously quick ideas for overcoming exhaustion in favor of brushing and flossing late at night.

Idea #1 Drag Tongue Along Teeth
As you lie in bed and realize you forgot to brush, drag your tongue over your teeth a few times while mentally reviewing how plaque forms. Within 48 hours it can start eating away at the teeth. Then jump up and give your mouth just 2 minutes of gentle, thorough cleaning. It’s that manageable.

Idea #2 Scrutinize the Food You Eat
Another approach is to pay attention to what goes into your mouth during the day. The higher the sugar content the sooner your teeth will need a brushing to avoid harm.

Brushing your teeth is an important part of any daily health care routine. We recommend brushing twice a day, and with a soft-bristled toothbrush. We strongly recommend flossing, too. Should you floss before or after you brush? The jury is out on that one. We think before is better, but the most important thing is that you do it.

We know a long day of work or play can yield a worn out body. Likewise, we know consistent brushing will diminish buildup and help prevent decay and gum disease. And we know that sometimes cavities need filling, chipped teeth need fixing, crooked teeth need straightening, and wisdom teeth need extraction.

At Staten Island Dental Care, the dental health of each patient is always our top concern. Services include general and restorative dentistry. Schedule your next checkup today!

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