Why Aren’t You Smiling?

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You can probably imagine why I look at smiles everywhere I go in the Staten Island area. Whether I am working with a dental patient, having dinner at a restaurant, or attending a Staten Island sporting event, I notice whether the people around me smile. Whenever I encounter someone with obvious tooth problems, I want to tell them about the procedures that can completely transform their frown into a healthy and beautiful smile.

Staten Island Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry

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We are Staten Island Dental Care, and we practice cosmetic and sedation dentistry in Staten Island, New York. If you are looking for a new New York cosmetic dentistry experience, Staten Island Dental Care is here for you.

Local Dentistry

You can contact Fred Hecht DMD about cosmetic dentistry or sedation dentistry, or any other local dentistry service by calling us at (718) 761-5757.

Sedation Dentistry in New York

Sedation Dentistry in Fremont

Oral sedation benefits nervous dental patients in Staten Island every day. Moderate sedation is used for all types of dental procedures such as root canals, dental implants, and wisdom teeth removal. If you are considering extensive restorative or cosmetic dental work, conscious sedation may allow your Staten Island dentist to complete multiple procedures in a single visit.