Missing Teeth? 5 Things You Need To Know About Dentures

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Conventional dentures have long been the go-to option for anyone missing their natural teeth, but that’s all changed now. At Staten Island Dental Care we offer state-of-the-art implant-supported dentures.

1. Dentures are not the only replacement selection for missing teeth. Dental implants used alone or in combination with a partial denture is often a better option for patients. Whereas a removable appliance replaces only the visible parts of teeth, an implant replaces both the root and crown of a tooth. This has critical implications. Dental implants can prevent bone recession that commonly occurs following tooth extractions. Dental implants can provide patients the near-normal ability to talk and chew.

2. There are more than one kind of denture. Most individuals are familiar with the removable denture that replaces a complete upper or lower arch. There are also partial dentures that are used for patients who have some natural teeth. Partial dentures can be permanent in the mouth or removable.

3. Even if you have worn dentures for a while, you may be a well-suited candidate for implant-anchored dentures. The critical factor is whether or not you have enough bone to support an implant. Bone grafting can augment bone for some implant patients.

4. Regardless of your tooth replacement configuration—full dentures, partial dentures, or tooth implants—you still need to practice proper oral hygiene. Removable appliances should be cleaned daily.

5. Even if you have no existing teeth left, it’s crucial that you have twice-yearly dental examination. Optimal oral health is an integral component of overall physical well-being. Dr. Hecht will examine your mouth for indications of diseases like cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

At Staten Island Dental Care, implant-supported dentures have helped countless patients. People from Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne also rely on our practice to maintain their dental health. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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