Got Plaque? General Dentistry in Staten Island

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Believe it or not, plaque can rear its ugly head in any mouth – even yours – no matter how meticulous your teeth cleaning regimen. The general dentistry practiced by Staten Island Dental Care can help you keep it under control.

People with deep grooves in their teeth are especially susceptible to plaque. The process goes something like this:

Bacteria naturally occurs in the mouth, always will. Bacteria tries to colonize on the smooth surfaces of your teeth. At first, it will be soft enough to be removed with a fingernail. After 48 hours, it begins to harden. Give it ten days and it becomes tartar, which is difficult to remove. (See picture.)

This bacteria feeds on sugars and produce acid that eats away the tissues of the tooth, leading to cavities. Cavities originate on the tooth surface and spread on and through it. The best way to deal with plaque is to have a consistent removal process, which is to say, daily brushing and flossing after eating (and even sleeping).

A fabulous smile with fabulous teeth isn’t always the reality for NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne folks. We encourage anyone who is unhappy with their smile in the NYC area, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne, to consider the benefits of a smile makeover. At Staten Island General Dentistry, it’s one of our specialties.

If you have a persistent toothache, don’t ignore it. It could be an indication of a larger problem, and we provide toothache relief. We also practice sedation dentistry.

Dr. Fred Hecht has been serving the Staten Island area since 1976, with dentistry designed for your comfort. Call to schedule a consultation.

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