3 Tooth Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

3 Problems That May Require a Staten Island Root Canal

Hello New York, let’s talk about the root canal procedure (“endodontic therapy” in dentist – speak). The root canal may the most cringe-worthy dental treatment commonly done today, but it is important that dental patients in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne areas know what is happening during this anxiety – inducing, though routine, procedure.

At the center of each tooth is a very small tissue called the pulp. This thread-like tissue can become damaged due to a:

An injury to a tooth
A very deep cavity
A crack in the tooth

If this tissue becomes damaged or infected, it can build up at the root tip inside the jawbone and form an abscess. If left untreated, this can actually destroy the bone around the tooth and cause serious discomfort.

When an endodontist, oral surgeon, or general dentist in Staten Island performs a root canal, the dead or diseased pulp is taken out, the space that is left is cleaned and then it is shaped and filled. This eliminates the need for a diseased tooth to be pulled and continued cosmetic dentistry to fill in the gap.

Hi. I’m Dr. Frederick Hecht of Staten Island Dental Care in Staten Island. I hope that today’s Staten Island dental blog post has helped you to better understand root canals. I want my patients to have the best oral health possible and accurate dental information. I also want them to look their best, so if you have any questions about a smile makeover, dental implants, or teeth whitening, please give us a call at (347) 695-4370.

At Staten Island Dental Care we offer:

sedation dentistry
cosmetic dentistry
porcelain veneers and crowns
root canals

We hope to hear from you soon!

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Relieving Your Dental Anxiety At Staten Island Dental Care

Sedation Dentistry Staten Island

Hello Staten Island dental blog visitors, welcome to the Staten Island Dental Care blog. I am Dr. Frederick Hecht and I specialize in cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

A close friend of mine recently expressed fears about her upcoming root canal. She was anxious about the pain she might experience and worried about getting work off for the multiple office visits to complete the procedure. I assured her that painful root canal procedures are a thing of the past with modern Staten Island dentistry.

With the latest technology and anesthetics, a root canal (endodontic treatment) is no more painful than receiving a filling. Most root canals can be completed in one or two short office visits.

My friend’s anxiety was diminished when she knew what to expect. If you have been neglecting your teeth because of fears or concerns about a particular procedure and have not been to your Staten Island dentist recently, I encourage you to schedule an exam, cleaning, and consultation today. We are accepting new Staten Island cosmetic dentistry patients at Staten Island Dental Care.

My staff and I at Staten Island Dental Care offer invisible braces, fast teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and all general and preventative dental procedures.

If you are interested in root canals or dental implants, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Staten Island Endodontics

Staten Island Endodontics Have you ever heard the phrase ‘I’d rather have a root canal’ to describe something painful or unpleasant? At Staten Island Dental Care, we perform root canal (endodontic) therapy routinely for our Staten Island dentistry patients and many report minimal discomfort. Staten Island root canal procedures have advanced significantly in recent years. For many root canal patients, the procedure is no worse than getting a filling from your Staten Island Dental Care general dentistry professional.

At Staten Island Dental Care, our goal is to help our root canal patients avoid the necessity of endodontic treatment by providing skilled dental care. However, if root canal therapy is necessary to preserve a tooth for one of our Staten Island patients, we provide the most advanced endodontics in the area.

How do you know if you need a root canal? See your Staten Island Dental Care dental professional immediately if you experience tenderness or tooth pain, hot or cold sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth injury, gum swelling, gum pain, or lymph node tenderness or drainage. However, for some Staten Island endodontic patients, there are no symptoms. That is why it is crucial to visit your local Staten Island family dentist regularly for a thorough dental examination.

Call Staten Island Dental Care, at (347) 695-4370 to schedule an appointment.

Comfortable Care For the High Fear Patient

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