DEALING WITH TOOTH LOSS OR MISSING TEETH? Dental implants may be just what you need…

Dental implants offer an astonishingly natural replacement option for one or more missing teeth, and they can also stabilize dentures, partials, or bridgework. Staten Island implant dentist Dr. Hecht can place and restore dental implants at Staten Island Dental Care, so you won’t have to see a separate specialist. We also offer oral conscious sedation for your comfort.

The dental implant procedure begins with precision placement of a small titanium screw into the jawbone. Bone tissue will naturally fuse with the biocompatible metal of the dental implant to create a solid anchor that imitates a natural tooth root. Dr. Hecht will then place an esthetic restoration, such as a porcelain crown, atop the post, and your new dental implant(s) will allow you the freedom to eat whatever you like, whenever you like! With dental implants you will not be chained to rigorous cleaning routines or have to worry with messy adhesives. Since dental implants mimic natural teeth, you can care for them as you do the rest of your smile, with bi-annual checkups and cleanings, twice-a-day brushing, and once-a-day flossing. No more mouth odor!

You deserve to smile with confidence and enjoy all the flavors of an active lifestyle. Feel free to call implant dentist Dr. Fred Hecht to schedule your dental implant consultation. Staten Island Dental Care serves patients from Brooklyn and beyond with exceptional care and service.