Tooth Extractions & Endodontics

Root Canal Therapy & Endodontics in Staten Island

A root canal can be performed expertly by Staten Island dentist Dr. Fred HechtNo matter how well we treat our teeth, over time they can still become damaged and the inner nerves infected. This infection can lead to some serious dental problems including:

  • Constant and severe pain and pressure in the mouth
  • Noticeable swelling
  • Extreme sensitivity in the gums
  • Sharp pain when biting down on food
  • Lingering pain after eating something cold or hot

These symptoms may be the cause of a tooth infection, and if you’re experiencing any of them, you should call Dr. Hecht at Staten Island Dental Care right away! These infections can often be treated in a quick and painless endodontics procedure which saves the outer structure of your natural tooth and prevents the surrounding teeth from getting infected themselves.

Though we will do our best to preserve your natural teeth, if a tooth is damaged or infected too severely, a tooth extraction may be necessary to preserve the integrity of your overall oral health. If you do need an extraction, Dr. Hecht is very skilled at performing tooth extractions, and our office provides many options for replacing your damaged tooth with a beautiful new dental crown.

What Is Endodontics?

Your teeth are living things, with live nerve tissue inside of them—also known as the tooth pulp. Endodontics refers to the dental specialty focused on studying and treating the inner pulp of a tooth. The pulp is the part of your tooth that keeps it alive, but when damage to the outer protective layers causes bacteria to get through, it can become infected and be very painful.

When this happens, endodontics can help save that tooth and prevent the surrounding teeth from getting the same infection. The most common endodontic procedure is known as the root canal.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal patient in Staten IslandThough they are often referred to as painful experiences, root canals actually are the solution to the pain and problems that come with infection or inflammation. A root canal is the name given to the dental procedure that clears away infected tissue in or around a tooth.

If an infection goes without being treated, a dental abscess can form. These are pockets of pus that build up in the infected area. When this occurs, a root canal is the best treatment to choose because it will leave your tooth intact without having to remove it entirely.

The Root Canal Process

Once we’ve established that you need a root canal, we’ll schedule an appointment for treatment. You’ll come in and we’ll carefully remove the damaged and dying tissue from the inside of your tooth, then we will fill the area with a sealant that will protect your tooth from further infection.

In some instances, we will also place a crown on top of your tooth as an added layer of protection to keep it safe and stable. After we’re finished, the area might be tender or sore for a few days.

For Tooth Pain Relief, See Your Staten Island Dentist, Dr. Hecht Today!

Root canal therapy preserves your existing teeth while removing damaged or decaying nerve tissue and infection that could spread to affect your entire mouth. If you have extreme tooth pain, call our office today! We’ll do our best to save your tooth, or we can remove the problem and give you a beautiful new replacement tooth.