Why It’s Crucial To Replace Missing Back Teeth

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This blog post from Staten Island Dental Care takes a close look at dental implants, one of the great advances in the history of dentistry.

Sometimes people who lose a molar wonder whether to replace it. After all, it doesn’t show when you smile and other teeth can take over the chewing. Why not avoid the expense of replacing it?

Actually, there are several essential reasons to replace a back tooth with a tooth implant if possible:

1. The adjacent tooth (or teeth) may start shifting.

If a tooth tips, moves, or rotates, it can impact the bite. The unopposed tooth can also move, though it generally moves outward from the bone (over-eruption). Teeth that are displaced can become more vulnerable to gum disease, decay, or jaw pain.

2. The underlying bone will start pulling back.

Without the tooth root, the jaw bone shrinks. This changes the contours of the face and gives it a sunk-in appearance. The vertical shortening proceeds and becomes more pronounced as you get older.

3. There will be increased stress on the teeth that take over the chewing functions.

This can lead to excessive wear, fracture, or pain.

If you have a lost a molar, or any other tooth, dental implants can be a game-changer. Call us at Staten Island Dental Care to schedule an appointment. We also offer general and restorative dentistry, and many other services.

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