What is a Sinus Lift? How Is It Used With Dental Implants?

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A sinus lift is a procedure used to promote the growth of new bone in the upper jaw, directly below the sinus cavity. A sinus lift is sometimes needed before a dental implant, like those at Staten Island Dental Care.

Healthy bone is essential to the success of a dental implant. An unfortunate side effect of losing one or more natural teeth is that the bone recedes. The upper back jaw has always been one of the hardest places to insert implants because of bone loss.

That’s where the sinus lift comes in. The procedure can correct the problem by raising the sinus floor. A piece of bone is grafted into the area beneath this. In time, new bone will grow in to replace what has receded.

It can take anywhere from four months to a year after a sinus lift before healing is complete and the implant can be placed. There’s usually additional healing after the implants are in.

Once the implant is in, though, it is able to support an artificial tooth. One implant can support one replacement tooth, and several can support a dental bridge or a full dental arch.

Dental implants at Staten Island Dental Care look and function like natural teeth. To find out whether you are a good candidate for an implant, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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