Tooth Implants: The Role Of The Abutment

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A dental implant from Staten Island Dental Care is a common yet sophisticated procedure. An implant involves three main components:

  1. The implant—also called a post or artificial tooth root
  2. The abutment—a connector piece
  3. The prosthesis—artifical tooth crown, dental bridge, or denture/partial denture

In this article, we talk about the vital connecting component: the abutment.

What Is An Abutment?

The abutment is the connector piece between a dental implant and the artifical tooth. It connects the crown, dental bridge, or denture to the implant.

Healing Abutments

Your dentist may attach a temporary healing abutment to the post during the initial surgery. A healing abutment is sometimes called a ‘healing cuff’ or ‘healing cap.’

When the implant has fused with the bone and is ready for the final abutment, the healing abutment is taken off. Then the permanent abutment is affixed.

What Is The Abutment Made Of?

Abutments are constructed with titanium, stainless steel, zirconia, gold, or polyether ether ketone. Each type of material has specific properties. We will choose the best material for your needs.

How Does My Dentist Attach The Abutment?

Attaching the abutment is a fairly quick procedure. We will make an incision in your gum tissue at the implant location to expose the implant. Then the abutment is attached. We may place the prosthesis at the same time. Or we may wait until your gums have healed.

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