Replace Old Silver Fillings

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white fillings Staten Island

Superficial cuts in the skin subside without a trace, infections are wiped out with antibiotics, broken bones mend, and inflamed tissues subside. Our teeth, unfortunately, can’t regenerate. Decay can be halted in its progress, but scientists are still years away from actual enamel regeneration. That’s why the team at Staten Island Dental Care – Dr.…

3 Tooth Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

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3 Problems That May Require a Staten Island Root Canal

Hello New York, let’s talk about the root canal procedure (“endodontic therapy” in dentist – speak). The root canal may the most cringe-worthy dental treatment commonly done today, but it is important that dental patients in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bayonne areas know what is happening during this anxiety – inducing, though routine, procedure. At…

Staten Island Endodontics

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Staten Island Endodontics

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘I’d rather have a root canal’ to describe something painful or unpleasant? At Staten Island Dental Care, we perform root canal (endodontic) therapy routinely for our Staten Island dentistry patients and many report minimal discomfort. Staten Island root canal procedures have advanced significantly in recent years. For many root…

New York Dentist: Calming Root Canal Fears

California Dentist Calms Root Canal Fears

Though a root canal can be intimidating or scary, educating yourself and talking to your local dentist in the Staten Island, New York area can relieve much of your anxiety. Root canals are often not painful, and for many people the pain of the infection experienced beforehand is worse than any pain that might be experienced during the procedure, and the relief is well worth the trouble.